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offers technology process knowhow for API, specialty Chemicals, Pesticides, Inorganic /Organic chemicals ,household products, cosmetics, Polymers, Resins ,Paints ,Dyes, Pharma, Soaps, Lubricants etc..

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Our Company

Technology, process know how, process design ,detail Engineering ,Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Structural, instrumentation, site supervision, Commissioning assistance /turnkey projects all over the world.

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Recruitment Process

Recruitment services for all chemist/ chemical Engineers in production / R&D/ Sales/ Operations/ Design/ QC/Analytical/ Management etc. for B.Tech/ M.Tech/PHD/ M.Sc/ MBA.

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Hazard Analysis

We help companies identify hazard scenarios that could adversely affect people, property.

Considering the complexity of today's chemical processes, the challenges involved in facilitating a PHA study, and the potential liabilities from an incident, your best option for expert specialists.


Explosion Investigations

Explosion Investigations & Process Safety Services. tel : +1 403 208 0508 cell:+1 403 208 0508.

We are available on an emergency basis to assist you in pin-pointing the most probable cause

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91 Edgebrook Close NW, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, T3A4W6
tel : +1 403 208 0508 cell: +1 403 208 0508.
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